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  1. Hello, Members! Miss me? Yeah, I mostly chat on Discord nowadays and haven't even talked in the forums, but worry not, if you miss me, you can continue chatting with us at my Discord server. We have the Precure Discord Server, C'mon, join us! (or - Thank you so much for supporting us!
  2. BrendanWh

    Data Loss (May 8th)

    We have updated in the OP.
  3. BrendanWh

    Hugtto! Precure - Spoiler - Discussion

    Leaks and scans:
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    Data Loss (May 8th)

    It's fine Thank you!
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    Whats Your Favorite Game?

    Moved to Gaming and Technology selection. My favorite game is Halo series, Star Wars, and some game... also I love Horror Games too.
  6. This is the general spoiler discussion for Hugtto! Precure. Anything goes including spoilers and leaks belongs here as well.
  7. This is the general discussion for Hugtto! Precure (Spoiler-free) as well.
  8. Which precure season is your favorite? My favorite series is Go! Princess, HeartCatch, Fresh Precure, and Hugtto! Precure so far.
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    Data Loss (May 8th)

    Hello, members! UPDATE: We've restored the old members from another forum software. There's no thread/post content because they didn't appear in the converting system at this time. We're sorry about that. If you can't access your old account, is still having a problem that can't log in or anything? Go to reset/forgot your password link, or contact [email protected] for help. ORIGINAL: On May 8th, There was a major problem with the forum site. All forums include members, post content, etc. gone (very sudden) due to data loss in case of system failure. That's bad news that we don't have any backup at this time. We are sorry for any inconvenience. Daily backups are now set up to ensure this does not happen again. Also, welcome back. Some notes; We've just moved our domain to . The old forum domain will be redirected to the new one.
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    The General Rules

    Welcome to Pretty Cure Forum, Registering and continuing to visit and participate in this community is an agreement to abide by these rules. General Information Register at the forum with a valid e-mail address, not doing so will result in you not being able to activate your account. Unvalidated accounts will eventually be deleted within 30 days. Guidelines/Rules 1. Keep it civil Please, do not harass other members on Pretty Cure Forum. No abusive language or profanity. No messages intended solely to upset people spread false rumors or otherwise drag down the atmosphere of the community. Please refrain from posting links to the inappropriate material out on the general forums. People of all ages use these forums. 2. Inappropriate Content Posting any kind of inappropriate content is strictly disallowed. This includes - but is not limited to - anything such as racism, discrimination (ex: sexuality, race, religion), "adult discussion," and posting unacceptable pictures, images, links or URLs to sites that contain inappropriate content. 3. Stay on topic Please make sure your post is going in the correct forum. We have specific forums for each game, some of them with their own Off Topic area or Community Help section. Threads that are off topic, or become so, may be moved or locked. 4. Double Posting Don't double post unless it's to post relevant information on the topic. In RP, story, or art threads, double posting may be necessary on a normal basis. In that case, it is fine. 5. Multiple Threads Multiple threads aren't needed except in rare cases. Please search before posting to see if there is already a thread. 6. Multiple Accounts Do not make multiple accounts for yourself. If you have family members who want to register here, you must notify Administrators or @BrendanWh before they register or both accounts could get banned. 7. Advertising Don't post just to advertise your own website or forum and any other places without permission by the Administrators or Moderators. 8. Spoiler Tags You must include a spoilers tag if you want to post a spoiler in your conversation. Always assume the reader has not watched the anime/manga/movie. 9. Giving out personal information Posting personal information on the forums is strictly prohibited. This includes - but is not limited to, real name, residential address, email address, phone number, or social networking links. Due to getting more specific than that online can be dangerous. Warnings, Suspensions & Bans To Be Announced. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the administrators.